Radio Aristocrats (A) - is the most popular digital radio station in Ukraine, reaching monthly audience of 230 000+ smart listeners. And it's growing constantly. Radio (A) broadcasts from the studio in a historical part of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The best independent Ukrainian journalists (McGuiffie, Tarasov, Babakova, Gumenyuk, Frolova), popular radio hosts: jazz guru Alex Kogan, Chachibaya, Khomutovskiy and Lodygin from The Morning Show and more than 30 unique author shows with music, analytics and comedy. This is an air programming policy, attracting the best Ukrainian celebrities “to take part in a race” and provide their personal show to web audience. The secret of Radio (A) is clear – freedom to creative ideas, to media challenge. The web-radio has implemented a brand new standard of broadcasting.

The Radio (A)’s list of partners, guests and friends impresses Ukrainian community these days: minister of education Serhiy Kvit, journalists Luke Harding and Miroslava Gongadze, film director Slaboshpitskiy, Head of Ukrainian First TV Chanel Zurab Alasania, scientists like Churyumov and Gale. Shortly saying, the most prominent people of the Ukrainian society are the creative and productive team of Radio (A). All the best musicians of a New wave of Ukraine trust their priers to the Aristocrats and perform some specific material in the air live (Ivan Dorn, Jamala, Maneken, Sophie Villy). The UK and US-based indie-bands have also cooperated with this Kyiv’s based radio station.

Aristocrats.FM has been also a constant partner of British Council and Institute Francais and the only radio station FRANCODIFF-Network associate in Ukraine. Radio (A) provides the advanced and modern multi-platform services for Russian and Ukrainian speaking audience in 140 countries. These are young people (25-35), habitants of the big cities mostly. They tend to self-educate them self and love of being opened to a new trends and global ideas. Languages of broadcasting: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French.

Radio Aristocrats: you are smart, don't refuse it

ART UKRAINE – a leading Ukrainian media about art founded in 2007. It’s the one of the few media in the country focusing on Ukrainian and global visual art. The magazine publishes interviews, critical reviews, columns and thematic headings from leading experts, artists and curators. It also contains information about important events in the art world, exhibitions, biennials and fairs, as well as the different schools and areas of classical and modern art. ART UKRAINE exists in two formats: on-line version that includes daily news updates and a printed edition. The audience includes collectors, experts, artists, gallery owners, critics, and a wide range of readers - connoisseurs of art. Chief editor – Alisa Lozhkina. – it is a new media for people who want to develop themselves and change the world around them. Our goal is quite ambitious: we want to reinvent Ukraine. We give our readers useful information about cultural events and educational opportunities in Ukraine and abroad. We also cover and follow innovative entrepreneurship, art, science and technology. We write about what society lives with and tell about what is worth to follow and know: promising Ukrainian projects, best international practices in various areas from the economy to the art, and how it can be applied in Ukraine.